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Hiperenergy helps shape sustainable, energy-efficient communities, through a range of innovative solutions

We are leading the decarbonisation of the built environment by supporting buildings to heat and cool themselves

Our team of technical experts assess each project individually, developing tailored solutions to significantly reduce embodied and operational carbon.

Our solutions are paramount to ensure that the whole life cycle carbon of future building assets align with the UK Governments’ legal requirement to become Net Zero by 2050.

Towards Net Zero

The operation of buildings themselves typically accounts for around 30% of carbon emissions, mainly from heating, cooling and electricity use.

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Large parts of the existing building stock were constructed before recent advancements in technology, materials and sustainable practices. This means that much of our current built environment comprises of buildings that are energy inefficient, wasteful, and isolated.

The foundation for transformational change

Energy positive buildings have been proven to generate more energy than they consume.

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Hiperenergy designs, builds, funds, operates and maintains highly efficient, renewable energy systems within the built environment.
We get involved at the design phase and work with structural and MEP teams to optimise both the embodied and operational carbon within the substructure and foundations.

Ground source energy is typically twice as efficient as air source, ideally suited to the UK climate.

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Hiperenergy helps shape sustainable, energy-efficient buildings, through a range of innovative solutions connected to the Earth's natural power.
Our technology provides an industry wide step-change for generating, storing, and transferring thermal energy, to lower carbon emissions and reduce operational costs in modern infrastructure.

Introducing the Hiperpile

A highly-efficient renewable energy system. The Hiperpile system, allows buildings to engage in dynamic energy exchange with the ground, empowering them to independently regulate their heating and cooling processes. By harnessing the high specific heat capacity of the water-filled void, the Hiperpile delivers a step change in thermal energy generation & storage.

Introducing the Hiperenergy Hub

Our Hiperenergy system can be connected to communal and district heating systems to produce a Hiperenergy Hub, creating a network of locally connected buildings.

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Our Hiperenergy Hub offers benefits including:

  • Distributing highly-efficient GSHP sourced thermal energy around the building
  • Mitigating on- and off-peak energy demands
  • Facilitating trade between buildings with varying heating and cooling needs
  • Storing surplus thermal energy; minimising energy waste

Thermal networks within a system of systems

Hiperenergy Hubs can be interconnected, linking all buildings from residential to commercial plots, and industrial to utility sites.

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Buildings become integral components of a shared energy infrastructure, transitioning from 'passive consumers' to 'active contributors' of interconnected energy networks.