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Hiperpile transforms deep foundations into energy enabled assets to be owned, operated, maintained and re-used.

Hiperpile is a suite of individual innovations which, when combined, offer unprecedented savings in embodied carbon

Combining our innovative patented technology with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) we provide tailored ground engineering solutions to suit your individual project needs.

Optimisation by Design

We provide highly optimised geotechnical and structural solutions, using the range of innovations within the Hiperpile to reduce embodied carbon.

Our hollow pile technology eliminates the wasteful design of under-utilised concrete. The void also offers highly efficient thermal energy capacity, reducing operational carbon emissions.

In the appropriate ground conditions we also deploy our impression pile technology which, when combined with the use of low carbon materials, deliver extraordinary reductions in embodied carbon.

Hiperpile supports developers to:

  1. Deliver their carbon pledges
  2. Reduce the overall environmental impact of construction works
  3. Enhance their asset's value
  4. Embrace a circular economy
  5. Attract preferential funding to get their schemes off the ground

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Hiperpile benefits

Greater than 60% improvement in thermal conductivity compared to traditional thermal piles

See below for difference in carbon emissions between a solid and Hiperpile on a typical site in London

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